fixing society

From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Thu Dec 08 2005 - 15:23:40 MST

I've just spent some time participating in this contest

Having submitted 160 entries out of 22,000 for this contest with $200,000 of
prize money at stake, given the quality of the average entry, I think it's
fair to say that I will probably get at least 1 into the final cut of 21
items (unless my thinking style is totally alien to the judges). From then
down to 3 is a matter of politics (unless it turns out to be a matter of
cheating, but I hope the former). Since you know that I know know what
money is for, I'm hoping that everyone here can sign up at and ultimately vote for one of mine (I will
say which are mine when the vote begins). Please sign up ASAP.

BTW, it was actually an interesting experience. A few weeks worth of
thought about how society does spend its money and fund things lead me to
the recognition of how overwhelmingly SL0 even "scientific" spending is, and
how many rather simple, established, and obvious SL0 market opportunities
(things like bridges in locations with well established demand) go
unexploited. It definitely moved me towards a view of the economy as more
"evolution-like" and less "rational maximizer with foresight-like" than I
had been accustomed to assume. I don't know if this is relevant to
fund-raising, but it might be.

One guess as to why $20 bills are left lying on the ground is that our
society lacks significant consumer goods in the $50,000,000 - $5,000,000,000
price range. As a result, people with wealth in that range don't really
have any rational reason to try to maximize wealth and so relatively
rational people in that wealth range (not common to begin with) don't bother
to try to do so (by exploiting investment opportunities). If so, it might
be that SingInst should attempt to market itself as a high end consumer
product, like commercial space travel outfits are beginning to. Is it
plausible that AI Box games could be marketed to a higher income audience
for stakes large enough to matter? Could Tyler be taught to play the AI?

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