Re: Re: Fwd: Transhumanist Community

From: David Picon Alvarez (
Date: Thu Dec 08 2005 - 01:16:31 MST

From: "Tennessee Leeuwenburg" <>
> I agree with this post insofar as marketing is a goal.
> However, I like mailing lists a lot more than forums, and the sl4
> archives are available for anyone who wants to read them.

Personally, I find forums a lot less useful and accessible than mailing
lists. The data lives elsewhere, one cannot easily consulted offline, one
cannot use one's own interfaces and search mechanisms to look for things...
This forums vs mailing lists seems to be a very flame-worthy subject, but
I'd say that mailing lists, having a symbolic stream-oriented interface, are
necessarily more flexible than forums, which have a "go here, click there,
fill that form" interface. I prefer to be a symbol manipulator than a
low-level metaphor user.


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