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Date: Wed Dec 07 2005 - 18:44:03 MST

>From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg <>
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>Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 11:58:00 +1100
>I agree with this post insofar as marketing is a goal.
>However, I like mailing lists a lot more than forums, and the sl4 archives
>are available for anyone who wants to read them.
>I doubt that I would follow the discussions if I could not have them arrive
>as emails, and reply from my mail client. The forums vs mailing lists
>argument is an old one, and I think it's a mistake to think that either is
>a Final Solution.

You know, there is a deep, dark corner in the very, very back of the
internet there is a bookshelf, where, if you pull the 3rd book from the left
on the second shelf from the top, you can gain access to mysterious and
mystical realm.

ps. With only 5 members, this place is a very well kept secret where reside
only the best of the best, sorry if I wasn't supposed to tell.

>If it is the goal of this list to achieve a greater marketing impact, then
>pursuing some kind of marketing strategy is a good idea. Myself, I think
>it's an interesting list to be a part of as it is. I'm just here for the
>ride, folks. I came to eat, not to cook. I enjoy making an occasional
>contribution, being exposed to new ideas, and as AI technology has an
>increasing impact on the world I am sure this is exactly the right group of
>people to be talking to about what that means.
>As far as sl4 is concerned, I don't see any single agenda which is being
>pushed, other than awareness of the complexity of issues.
>I agree with the beneficial nature of having a blog for passers-by to
>interact with, but disagree with the importance (and value) of moving from
>mailing lists to a forums. Possibly some kind of rationalisation of the
>available mailing lists would be reasonable, but I see no great need to
>force it. Perhaps someone could set up an aggregation list, which sends and
>recieves to/from a set of lists, then people who were interested in
>interacting with the full gamut of viewpoints could do so, but that may
>cause more problems than it solves.



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