Re: guaranteeing friendliness [more about reaching AGI now that Ben has improved the thread]

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 18:10:01 MST

--- Chris Capel <> wrote:

> It may be that the main impediment to using the
> XBox 360 for generic
> software usage will be that Microsoft has put a
> whole lot of effort
> into making them useless except for approved
> software. In other words,
> they don't want you to run linux on them.

BTW, here's the slashdot post that I was

"Free60 Project Aims for Linux on Xbox 360
Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday November 27,
from the a-laudable-goal dept.
BlueMoon writes "The Free60 Project wiki and
developers mailinglist has been launched. The
project aims to port open source operating
systems like GNU/Linux and Darwin to the
Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console. The site
already contains some interesting details about
the Xbox 360 security: per-box key stored on CPU,
boot ROM will be on CPU too and a hypervisor
verifies the running state of the kernel."

So: assume 360's are running other OSes very soon

And now for something completely different, there
are people starting to work the "Blood Music"

Tom Buckner

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