RE: guaranteeing friendliness [more about reaching AGI now that Ben has improved the thread]

From: pdugan (
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 15:39:13 MST

>Or wait three years and buy 5000 XBox 360's (each
>effectively a teraflop machine, I hear) on EBay
>and yard sales at 100 clams each. Same $500k, 12
>years sooner. Like Ben said, it's really the
>payroll that's a problem.
>Tom Buckner

My gut tells me that XBox 360's would be more problematic for extending the
software than a typical PC, because the console's OS is designed with thick
layers of developer-oriented libraries geared toward VRAM use and graphics
tricks. However, it is essentially Windows, and offers a nice suite of online
software and hardware, so that might just be a hot ticket. Imagine, the
Singularity launched over Xbox Live by 2012!

Patrick Dugan

"Its turtles all the way down!" - old lady attending Bertrand Shaw lecture on geoscience

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