Re: guaranteeing friendliness [more about reaching AGI now that Ben has improved the thread]

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Dec 03 2005 - 23:22:13 MST


> We could probably setup a "SETI @ Home" like network and garner
> a few thousand actively participating (at any one time) machines
> if network delays would not be a serious problem to such
> algorithms.
> Note: I mean far more than 1000 PCs, but with at least this
> many active consistently.

This sort of arrangement would not suit my Novamente AI architecture,
because Novamente requires a lot of processing power, all of which has
very rapid access to a lot of RAM. It's much better suited to a large
Linux cluster than a SETI @ Home type arrangement, at least for core
cognitive processign. However, a widely distributed network a la SETI
@ Home could potentially be used for some particular kinds of
Novamente processing, as an additional portion of the underlying
hardware architecture.

I estimate that with a 3-5 year development effort by a team of 5-8
expert AI programmer/scientists (like my current Novamente development
team), we could have a human-level "artificial child", running on a
~200-500 PC cluster. Another 5-10 years could viably yield an
adult-level "artificial scientist" potentially able to launch a

Unfortunately, though, my development team and I are currently
spending the bulk of our time on commercial narrow-AI consulting
projects that pay the bills, so this "3-5 year development effort" can
basically only start if/when we achieve a reasonable amount of
funding. Which is not an easy thing to do for a project of this sort.

-- Ben

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