META: IQ distribution results

From: Joel Peter William Pitt (
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 18:50:45 MST

Hi all,

I've summarised the results of the collected IQ scores and posted an
entry on my blog:

The quick info:
I got 18 replies from the extropy-chat and 11 from SL4. For
extropy-chat the mean was 138.1, s.d. 3.9. For SL4 the mean was 137.9,
s.d. 3.7. These values were not significantly different as judged by a
two sample t-test. More details in the blog entry.

Also, could we please keep any discussion about this on the blog
entry. I apoligise for the flood of list posts after my request for IQ
results and will next time be more explicit about getting people to
reply to me offlist instead. (This holds mainly for SL4 which is more
strict about posting policy).


P.S. I didn't include my score, but suffice to say that I'm on both
lists and fall squarely at the mid point of the means. :)

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