RE: thread mutation to Global Warming EVIDENCE

From: Herb Martin (HerbM@LearnQuick.Com)
Date: Fri Nov 25 2005 - 19:49:53 MST

Richard Loosemore >
> > Wait a minute! Isn't that the UN Panel you quoted as
> > providing definite evidence and proof of your position?
> >
> > Maybe you should READ what Michaels has to say on this
> > subject so that you can know the disagreements and
> > understand how the actual findings are frequently
> > misinterpreted by the press and others with a political
> > axe to grind.
> Let's read, instead, what the vast majority of other climate
> scientists
> say about Michaels.

I would be more impressed if you attacked the man's science
instead of the man himself.

And perhaps he is not the best or only choice if one wishes
to win the "global warming is crap/Is not!" argument but he
was specifically involved in the (only) study the previous
poster used (i.e., the UN Panel) as both a contributor and
a reviewer.

The POINT was not to win the any arguments about global
warming but to caution those who claim universal knowledge
and derisively dismiss the opinions of others WITHOUT
offering any real evidence -- as that poster did.

Was that you or someone else?

Herb Martin

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