META: IQ distributions

From: Joel Peter William Pitt (
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 14:46:38 MST

Hi all

In conjunction with my post to ExI-chat, I thought it might be fun to
run a similar thing for SL4. In addition to the instructions in the
original post below, please also clearly specify that this is for

Would anybody be interested in finding out just what the IQ
distribution of ExI chat is?

If so, I suggest we use something like the tickle classic IQ test:

To prevent this from turning into a pissing contest and decrease the
likelihood of people lieing, I volunteer to collect peoples IQ scores
via email and make some nice graphs of the distribution. Once done
I'll destroy the emails with your IQs and promptly forget the actual

Please only report the tickle IQ scores otherwise test differences may
bias the distribution - and please be honest!


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