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From: Matt Arnold (
Date: Sat Nov 05 2005 - 06:53:53 MST

Sounds like pure gibberish from start to finish. This passage is from
the second-to-last chapter of a book 90% of which turns physics on its
head, in which the author claims to have discovered a grand unified
field theory and a perpetual motion machine. Had he done so, and
published this book in a peer-reviewed journal, we would have heard
about it.

On 11/5/05, keith <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just came across this AI research (alternative
> intelligence) from Dr. Randell L. Mills. including a patent
> application. It's way beyond me to understand, but it might
> just be of interest to someone on list.
> sample text
> The brain is capable of accepting input, and storing,
> retrieving, and processing data to form novel conceptual
> content. Reason and intelligence arise from the massive
> directional connectivity of the brain which functions as an
> analog Fourier processor. The neuronal response is a series
> of action potentials in time. The superposition of the
> neuronal responses of multiple neurons becomes a Fourier
> series, a superposition of trigonometric functions, in
> frequency space ( k, ?? space) wherein information is
> digitized in amplitude, frequency, and phase. The Fourier
> series in k, ?? space is then modulated, sampled,
> associated, and ordered via the filtering properties of
> cascaded groups of association neurons with couplings
> governed by Poissonian probability. The processing of
> information depends on and dynamically alters (through
> feedback) the total state of stored information, the
> cascades of association neurons.........."
> keith hoyes

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