Re: Consciousness [Humour]

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 05:43:00 MST

Woody Long wrote:
> My position is that the Dual Sound Source Experiment is all we need, in our
> mission to build android industry standards concerning the artificial self.
> The clear fact is that the auditory system is not controlling the observed
> effect. It is not the left ear and/or right ear auditory system that is
> making the choice to attend to one ear or the other. The fact is, the
> subject can attend to WHICHEVER one he chooses, and this leads to the
> practical conclusion that there is a focalizing agent or self that is
> controlling the conscious effect, as the root of consciousness.

Comment from my partner; she says that since she can listen to multiple
conversations at once, as women tend to be able to, clearly under your
model women aren't sentient. :)

> the subject can attend to WHICHEVER one /he/ chooses

So clearly it is important to make sure that your android
self-identifies itself as male, in order for it to be conscious ;)

 * Michael Wilson

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