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>Greetings everyone,
>Just a quick introduction. I am an ex-programmer who has been working on an
>android brain for 20 years.
>An android brain requires an artificial consciousness, defined as a
>post-contemporary computer system that encodes information and performs
>logical operations on it via a focal point generally named a self. By
>"self" I mean that focalizing agent exposed in the dual sound source
>experiment. The subject had earphones on. On one side was played a
>conversation, on the other was played another. What was revealed is that
>the subject could only attend to and remember one sound source at a time.It
>was impossible to attend to both. So the root of consciousness was a
>focalizing agent, or self, that has no option but to switch its focalizing
>attention to a single source. This self also refers to itself as "I" and
>has personal memory of this I's unique experiences. This self is the
>focalizing agent of consciousness and so must be included in any artificial
>Consciousness is also intertwined with and propagated by raw sense data
>(sensor signals), as well as emotional and motivational content that create
>the same interactive effect. So artificial consciousness requires all this,
>and therefore to create artificial consciousness in a robot is to create
>artificial life itself.
>Here is my claim to fame --
>I have just been granted a filing date of 10/25/05 by the PTO for a "patent
>pending" invention entitled "Android and Android Robot Control Method"
>which does all of the above.
>It is the world's first conscious, thinking android, or Human Artificial
>Life, in the patent records, and this is how I will be promoting it in
>worldwide press releases.
>I am in the process of finding an agent, and licensing the invention to the
>highest corporate bidder. The lowest acceptable bid is one million dollars.
>For more information, please see my blog,
>Ken Woody Long

Hey smart guy your link is defunct.



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