Re: Self-awareness (Re: AI debate at San Jose State U.)

From: Pilot Pirx (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 17:24:15 MDT

I've had the unsettling experience of meeting a person who did not understand the concept of self-awareness. It was an intelligent person and I conclude that either the person was pulling my leg or there was a semantics problem in our communication. The person was probably self-aware, but didn't connect the term to the experience.
On the other hand, the assumption that all normally-appearing and functioning human beings are self-aware may not be valid.
Is the opposite possibly true: that some human beings that say they are self-aware are really not? What tests can be applied to determine the truth?

Woody Long <> wrote:

narrow AI - rudimentary intelligent robot systems such as above, expert
systems, partial systems, etc.

strong AI - human like intelligent systems with a conscious self awareness
of unique self and unique personal experiences, as you mention.

android - human shaped SAI robot.

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