Re: AGI motivations (Sidetrack on Neuromorphic Engineering)

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 10:30:58 MDT

[Begin RANT]

This is a postscript to my comments on the "Sidetrack on Uploading"

I have now watched several research communities get themselves heated up
over something that was obviously just a grant-money-getting bandwagon.
  Neuromorphic Engineering is just one more of these.

These bandwagons start with a cute-looking technique, then blow it up
out of all proportion by generalizing to hell and back, then hit the
grant authorities, dancing up and down in great excitement and
proclaiming that this is it, this is the big breakthough, we'll be able
to turn this one into big bucks, folks!! Lasts about a decade, petering
out when the next big bandwagon comes along.

I watched it happen with "connectionism", and before that with "expert
systems" and before that with the thing that was originally called just
"artificial intelligence" but which we now refer to as GOFAI.

Now it is Neuromorphic Engineering, and I am sick of it.

There, now I feel better. :-)

[End RANT]

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