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Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 19:34:18 MDT

The nanotech your talking about is generally called "weak" nanotech. There is
a huge gap of knowledge and methodology between growing nanotubes chemically
in a perforated material template and coming up with the information
technology to manage and orchestrate the feedback loops involved in protein
folding and other molecular architechtures; this is the world altering
technology generally called "strong" or molecular nanotech. Consider that
we've had "weak" AI for decades and "weak" AGI since Lenat came out with

    I had the opportunity to attend a lecture recently called "The Exciting
Age of Nanomaterials", or something like that. It was a nice older woman from
MIT discussing the technical means of building nanotubes and the like, very
SL2. I asked her how long she figured it would be before diamondoid
nanotransistors might be feasible to manufacture, she was utterly stymied and
eventually conceded an "I don't know". We're not in the knee of the curve yet,
maybe the calf.

  Patrick Dugan

>===== Original Message From Herb Martin <HerbM@LearnQuick.Com> =====
>The knee of the nanotechnology exponential curve
>is close (or here) when advertising for "nanostuff"
>becomes common place...
>Nanotubes with prices listed:
>Shipping is a significant portion of the
>"single pack" bottom line price.
>I really enjoyed the link to
>provided with the article by a previous
>poster -- Google ads appear on their pages
>offering a variety of nanostuff for sale,
>some at very reasonable prices.
>BTW: I do computer stuff, read "Nanotechnology"
>soon after it was first published, and have been
>waiting for the knee of the curve for 25 years.
>Time flies when you are having fun OR when the
>world is accelerating.
>Future shock is what happens AFTER you THINK that
>you understand the ramifications of a new technology.
>Herb Martin

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