RE: DARPA winning car 'taught' to drive, same as humans are.

From: Herb Martin (HerbM@LearnQuick.Com)
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 15:40:23 MDT

Jay Dugger
> > Thrun confidently concluded: ``It's a no-brainer to me that
> cars will
> > drive themselves.''
> >
> When I talk to other Americans about this prospect, they tend
> to dismiss or reject it as somehow unlikely--usually for
> liability reasons. Some change their minds when I point out
> self-driving cars mean their children won't have to
> confiscate their keys from them when they grow too old to
> safely drive.

And although they will not like it, when cars can
more safely (statistically) drive your kids to school
and their other functions than kids can drive themselves,
many parents will prefer to have the car do the chaufering
than to allow kids to drive themselves.

As long as parents are buying the car for their
children they (theorectically) get to decide if
the kids get the drive-control key/password.

And no one needs to be designated driver when
alcohol is involved.

Herb Martin

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