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> When colleges and universities hire new grads for faculty positions,
> the primary factor they consider is what university they came from.
> Likewise for undergrads applying for grad school.
> Once you've attended a university that cost less than $30,000/yr
> tuition, there's little chance you can ever get onto the academic
> track and into a research position. So the ivy-league schools
> make academia itself a hereditary institution.
Just a brief note to say this description is totally false to my experience.
As a proud representitive of trailer park trash in academia, I must say it
is not true to my life, to the graduate departments in which I trained, or
the private universities where I taught. Selection of students, graduate
and undergraduate, and hiring of new faculty is very different, in not
necessarily more equitable, than that. The demographics of graduate
students and faculty is very different than that, and overwhelmingly middle

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