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Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 12:15:42 MDT

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> > Is this really SL4 material, or interesting in any way?
> I imagine most singularitarians agree that the answer is relevant to how
> ought to approach a singularitarian project.
> Daniel

Topic: "Will computers Ever be Alive or Intelligent?"

Centrally relevant, and the prospect of talking to a live, intelligent
computer, or robot, is what actually fires this Singulatarian's
imagination. As I like to say "Out of the field dirt of robotic AI, sprouts
the fully human intelligent SAI seed , that grows into the super human
intelligent technological Singularity tree."

Some points --

1. "Humanoid intelligence requires humanoid interactions with the world" --
MIT Cog Project website

This means a fully "human intelligent" SAI must be robotic, and as in
humans, be fully autonomous, be self-aware (of its unique self and unique
personal history), and be able to sense, think, be creative (win soccer
games etc.), and desire i.e., feel the thrill of victory and the agony of
defeat. Such a robot, is by definition the creation of a humanoidal
artificial life form, a conscious, human intelligent robot, called an

android - a human-like artificial life form, being a conscious, fully human
intelligent robot.

An SAI requires the same characteristics as an android, and this sets the
bar for entry into the field of SAI.

2. So the topic becomes technically:

Will Computers ever be implemented as a SAI, or fully human intelligent
artificial life form?

3. First the field must be able to collectively recognize it, by common,
operational definition.

The definition of SAI / androids cannot be watered down. They MUST strictly
mean that the computer has a conscious understanding of what you say, is
autonomous, self-aware, and creative, i.e., a fully human intelligent
artificial life form.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the Turing test that would distinguish
this. So it has no value for proving the existence of a conscious, strong

However, SAI could be proven using the Searle Chinese Room Test. This test
exposes the standard programming method of shuffling sensor signal cards,
without the man in the room/CPU understanding any of the Chinese "talk".

Therefore, as an inventor in the field of SAI, I propose the Searle Chinese
Room as the critical test for androids, SAI and the technological
Singularity, all of which are humanoidal artificial life forms.

When will a human artificial life be created, proven by passing the Searle
Chinese Room Test? 8 to12 years from now.

Ken Woody Long
Artificial Lifeforms Lab

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