Novamente/AGISIM presentations online

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 08:22:38 MDT


I have placed online a version of the powerpoint on Novamente that I
presented at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference last month.

The powerpoint is here:

And an HTML-ized version is here:

(The HTML-ized version was dumped from PPT and probably uses ActiveX
controls, so it may be that both versions are only viewable on M$ OS's,
sorry. Novamente is a Linux beast but for presentations and the like I tend
to use Windows.)

The presentation doesn't give very much depth (I'm sure it was much better
with my voice commentary, which rambled on a lot including more technical
and conceptual material, and only loosely followed the powerpoint anyway ;),
but gives a high-level overview of the project with a focus on our goals for
the next few months regarding integrating Novamente with the AGI-SIM
simulaton world.

A great deal is left out, some of which is found in the long overview paper

But the presentation shows some pretty pictures of what the initial version
of our AGI-SIM embodiment for Novamente will look like in a couple months.
The current AGISIM world is a bit more primitive looking even than the
screenshots shown in the presentation, but if all goes well it will look
like that by year's end. We have been focusing on AI rather than
graphics.... currently our main focus is on "putting the pieces of
Novamente together": integrating the Novamente core with the latest versions
of our probabilistic reasoning and evolutionary predicate/procedure learning
modules, and dealing with adding mechanisms for efficient indexing and
searching of spatial and temporal information coming out of the sim world.

-- Ben

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