RE: Kurzweil reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 20:33:40 MDT

--- David Massoglia <> wrote:

> I am a huge fan of Ray Kurzweil and believe him to be extraordinarily
> gifted. I would be curious to hear from the many intelligent people
> on
> this board if they have any "significant" differences from Kurzweil's
> opinions and projections on the Singularity or other significant
> matters
> and why. Again, I am only interested in "significant" differences and
> will leave that to your judgment.
> Thanks,
> David

I have some differences with him, chiefly his timeline. (He uses a
Moore's Law doubling time of 12 months instead of 18-20 months, for no
apparent reason, and doesn't acknowledge the irregular manner in which
chip density has progressed; he thinks faster hardware will solve AI
problems.) But my chief beef with him is that he's out there taking
credit for all the work that the transhumanist community has done in
the past 20 years. People who read his book have the impression that
he came up with all this stuff. He's just a journalist pretending to
be a visionary. And he's getting away with it.

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