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Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 12:27:50 MDT

--- Dimitry Volfson <> wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Aug 2005 02:00:47 +0100 Chris Paget
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> writes:
> > The fundamental driving force behind emotional intelligence (as I
> > see
> > it) is a desire to be happy. "Happiness" in the case of AI is just
> > a number, as are all emotions.
> I have a fundamental disagreement here. Emotions are NOT numbers,
> they should never be numbers even in a computer embodiment. Emotions
> change
> the frames through which people see the world. Basically, a frame can
> amplify, filter out, or distort elements of incoming and stored
> information -- to streamline the process of recognition, analysis,
> and planning of objects, events, attitudes, etc.

I agree. Most prior implementations of emotions in a cognitive arch.
that had emotions represented them with a floating-point number.
Rules say when to adjust the number, and how the number affects
decisions & actions. My theory is that "emotions", rather, are
just correlations between memory patterns. Regard the brain as
a set of (for the sake of argument) Hopfield networks, loosely
coupled. Emotions are learned patterns that span the entire
brain rather than just particular areas. They affect processing,
recall, etc., in the same way as other learned patterns such as
visual patterns, but in a diffuse yet widespread way.

> When you are happy you "see" the world differently than you "see" the
> world when you are "upset". A different set of criterial frames act
> upon
> one's perception and sequencing of the world depending upon the
> emotion
> experienced. Fundamentally, emotions correspond to the activation of
> certain frames; which people have given names to based upon the
> similarity of the experience in the body and cognitive processing.

I think this is in agreement with what I just said, altho phrased
in a frame paradigm rather than a connectionist one.

- Phil

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