Suddenly I agree with Richard

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 11:00:58 MDT

I was thinking how much easier my life could be if I could
reprogram myself to be attracted by intelligence and kindness
more than by breast and waist size. If I were capable of
reprogramming myself that way, I might.

Formerly, if Richard Loosemore had made this observation,
I would have responded by saying that this meant that my
behavior was being driven by some different values, or
some lower level of values.

If there is some lower level of values, it would probably
be something such as the laws of thermodynamics, and that's
too low a level of analysis to be useful.

Yes, my behavior in that case would be driven by different values,
but why can't this happen?: An organism with the ability to
reprogram itself has drives A, B, and C. Drives A and B conspire
to replace drive C with drive Z. Drives B and Z then conspire to
replace drive A with drive X. Drives X and Z then conspire to
replace drive B with drive Y. The organism now has drives X, Y,
and Z, instead of A, B, and C, despite always having been
controlled by pre-existing drives.

- Phil

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