Re: The Eliezer Threat (Re: Problems with AI-boxing)

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Sat Aug 27 2005 - 14:59:20 MDT

--- Sebastian Hagen <> wrote:

> Eliezer's general behaviour seems to indicate that he (I apologize
> the human pronouns; they are not meant to indicate a preconception
> Eliezer is in fact human) is working hard and (at least compared to
> competition) competently to prevent the existential disaster that >
would e.g follow from the release of a UFAI.
> If that estimation was mostly correct (high probability), killing him
> would increase the probability of an existential disaster occurring.
> If
> your hypothesis (Eliezer is a UFAI; low probability) were correct,
> killing him would decrease the probability of an existential disastet
> occurring.
> The stakes are about equal, so the massively higher probability of
> the
> first possibility makes not killing him the right decision.

A good point! So we can let Eliezer live, for now. :)
I'll use more smileys next time I make a joke.

- Phil

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