META: H C flogged. Hear ye!

From: Mitchell Howe (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 22:40:35 MDT

H C's recent posts have consisted almost entirely of large quoted blocks
and short statements of agreement. The penalty is death.

But I hereby suspend his termination in exchange for this exemplary
public flogging and a restraining order. I ask that H C not post for
two weeks, allowing time to reflect on his recent efforts to cheapen the
"send" button.

Let others take note. High list activity is no excuse for slapdash
postings, and is often a symptom of it.

(And please be aware, infrequent repliers, that the "reply to" address
of any sl4 message is SL4 itself. To make offlist replies, use the
"from" address. We've had more than a few mispostings this year.)

--SL4 List Sniper

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