DARPA Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures Program

From: Jef Allbright (jef@jefallbright.net)
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 20:24:52 MDT

I was just discussing DARPA and AI with Peter Voss at dinner Friday
night, and we both agreed there was very little AGI in sight.

Today I saw these interesting developments at

*1 Program Objective *

The goal of the Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures Program
via this BAA is to develop, implement and evaluate psychologically-based
and neurobiologically-based theories, design principles, and
architectures of human cognition. In a subsequent phase, the program has
the ultimate goal of implementing computational models of human
cognition that could eventually be used to simulate human behavior and
approach human cognitive performance in a wide range of situations.

*2 Background and Motivation*

The traditional approach to machine intelligence pursued by the
Artificial Intelligence (AI) community has provided many achievements,
but has fallen short of the grand vision of integrated, versatile,
intelligent systems. Revolutionary advances may be possible by building
upon new approaches inspired by cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
Such approaches have the potential to help us understand and model
significant aspects of intelligence thus far not attained by classic
formal knowledge modeling technology. This program seeks to advance the
design and development of computational models of human cognition based
on architectures using both approaches.

During the past 15 years, intensive research in neuroscience, enabled by
advances in experimental techniques and instrumentation, has led to
substantial progress in our understanding of the brain's physical
structure and function. It is now feasible to develop cognitive
architectures, rooted in neuroscience, which may offer important insight
into the understanding and modeling of human cognition.

[and more...]

- Jef

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