Re: Transcript. please? (Re: AI-Box Experiment 3)

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 14:52:45 MDT

--- Michael Wilson <> wrote:

> Phil Goetz wrote:
> > And I won't "believe" that the outcome of the
> experiment
> > means that a prepared, intelligent person can be
> convinced,
> > unless I can construct a theory as to how that would
> > happen.
> If you can't construct any theory for how you might fail
> it,
> /and/ you truly believe that anything you can't construct
> a
> theory for can't happen (or at the very least is
> incredibly
> unlikely), then why don't you just take the challenge and
> win
> $25 while satisfiying your curiosity?

Touche! I have some fear of losing, which shows the
influence my thinking in some way. But by the same token,
I wouldn't sign a document in blood selling my soul for $1
to a person claiming to be an agent of Satan, despite the
very low prior odds I assign to the truth of his statement.

- Phil

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