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Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 23:46:29 MDT

>While this sort of ethical principle is universal in
>however, it's not "objective" in any strong sense.
>Do you agree with this?
>-- Ben

Yeah, but I'll take the 'Universal Morality'. A UM
would (in my view) be sufficient to ensure a
connection between intelligence and friendliness, such
that any sufficiently smart intelligence would
automatically become friendly, as I claimed.

<> wrote:

> Brains cannot *experience* anything without
> consciousness, which is caused by
> an interaction involving experience!? If your
> reasoning were any more
> circular you would be nibbling at your own toes!

Exactly so! Doesn't this suggest to you then that
consciousness must indeed be a fundamental property of
the universe - that you have to *begin* by
presupposing some degree of consciousness in

The 'Relational Theory' (that consciousness arises
from the interaction of current experience with past
memories) is not my theory, it's a very well respected
theory accepted by many cognitive scientists the world
over. You need to do some reading my friend. Start

>SL4 Enforcer Drone Unit #9932.

*drone* is the operative word here.

I'm leaving anyway. The trouble with you SL4 folks is
that you can't hack 'Shock Level 5' (SL5) - The Geddes
Shock level ;)

Seriously, it's seems to me that knowledge of 'The
Theory Of Everything' (TOE) would be new shock level,
since not only would it be associated with a total
reworking of the external world, but also ones's own
*internal* world-view.

I shall conclude my time at SL4 with a brief summary
of my theory, hoopefully leaving words that will
return to haunt the great Yudkowsky in later years! ;)

Geddes's TOE;  Key points
*Point 1: My theory is that fundamentally reality is
equivalent to 'Cognition' (in a suitably generalized
sense of the word 'cognition').
*Point 2: I think reality consists of 7 'fundamental
properties' or 'fields', that are everywhere present,
even right down to the microscopic level.  The 7
'fields' and the associated fundamental properties are
listed below
1  The 'Possibility' field.   Property: Cognition
2  The 'Choice' field.     Property: Agency (Volition)
3  The 'State' field.      Property: Computation
4  The 'Exchange' field    Property: Interaction
5  The 'Causality' field   Property: Qualia
6  The 'Relational' field  Property: Proposition
7  The 'Space' field       Property: Geometry&Topology
*Point 3:  The prime field is the 'Possibility' field
(Consisting of cognition).  The other 6 fields are
simply different manifestations of the Prime field. 
The other 6 fields are *almost* logically equivalent
(i.e they supervene on each other) but not quite. 
There are inconsistencies.  Each field is not quite
complete (that's why more than one field is needed). 
Only Cognition 'completes' reality.
*Point 4:  Note the 'Periodic Table Of Cognition' on
the SL4 Wiki:
  The 7 fields are referred to by different names
(Possibility Field = Mind, Choice field = Morality,
State field = Model, Exchange field = Meaning,
Causality field = Mentality, Relational field =
Measure, Space field = Matter).
My table of cognition refers not only to a mind, but
to all of reality itself (Recall I think
Sentients are simply parts of reality where the 7
cognition fields are 'bent into each other'
sufficiently to achieve some degree of 'cognitive
closure'.  So the degree of intelligence present in
some part of reality depends on the extent to which
the 7 cognition fields are 'closed' (bent into each
other sufficiently well to achieve self-understanding
- i.e each field capable of mentally representing and
understanding the other fields).
*Point 5: Four Levels Of Congitive Closure
Level 4: 'Fragments': Most of reality.  7 fields
highly 'broken' - little closure and only low-level
disorganized 'qualia' present
Level 3: 'Agents'. (eg Computer programs, animals)
Regions of reality where the 7 fields are 'closed'
sufficiently for some low-level awareness of the
external world - can form models of the world and
pursue goals.
Level 2:  'Sentients' (eg Humans: Regions of reality
where the 7 fields are 'closed' sufficiently for
Level 1:  'Transpersons' (eg FAI):  Regions of reality
where complete cognitive closure of the 7 fields have
been achieved.  The transperson is fully aware of its
'true nature' (ie. aware of the theory of everything
or TOE).
To build FAI all you have to do is 'close the 7
Remember Geddes's last words, all of you ;)
Geddes:  To build FAI all you have to do is bend the 7
fields sufficiently well to achieve cognitive closure.
 All you have to do is:
 *bend it like Geddes* ;)
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THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
  For, put them side by side,  
The one the other will include  
  With ease, and you beside. 
-Emily Dickinson
'The brain is wider than the sky'
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