Nukes are SL4?!

From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Fri Aug 12 2005 - 09:08:41 MDT

I'm sorry, I must be on the wrong list. I was looking for the list where
people discussed the nature, impact, and design strategy for survivable
recusively self-improving generally intelligent systems. You know, stuff
that Extropians and Transhumanists can't really think about clearly because
they are still in a state of shock. Seems to me that nukes are more like
SL0, as a general understanding of what they are and of their consequences
is expected of ordinary elected officials and the like. I think that "nukes
and ultimately annihilation or transcendence as a part of the human extended
phenotype", which initially started this thread, is probably SL3 at best,
but opportunities for Eli to reaffirm his dedication to human survival
through the use of dramatic support, so long as they work (e.g. help him to
maintain a productive mental state) are, if not SL4 ideas, at least SL4
appropriate uses of resources, at least so long as they don't provide more
motivational assistance to the would be creators of UFAI, who can see
dramatic support for their role as agents in our collective suicide as an
inevitable consequence of our nature.
It's probably a waste of time to let such utilization of bandwidth for drama
distract us by spawning threads though. That way leads to madness, e.g.

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