Re: large search spaces don't mean magic

From: D. Alex (
Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 10:44:22 MDT

WE are not medieval alchemists... I do not want to overwork the analogy,
but: they had constraints - time and resources - such that even if they knew
exactly how to build a machine for transmuting lead into gold, they could
not do it. My point is that AI in a box also may be subject to constraints,
of our choice, that would make its chances of escaping about the same as the
chance of alchemists.... ... etc.

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> We already *have* Philosopher's Stones: they're called particle
> Quoting "D. Alex" <>:
> > Ah, the inapropriate analogy again.
> >
> > What chance did the medieval alchemists have of transmuting lead into
> > Why is the "alchemist" comparison less appropriate than "dogs" for AI
> > situation?

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