Universal Values (UV) - Summing up of the key points of my theory

From: Marc Geddes (marc_geddes@yahoo.co.nz)
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 22:26:18 MDT

I posted it to a wiki page. You guys can't complain
about this one. It's short, it doesn't give much
reasoning, the theory *sounds* totally crazy, but even
the most ungenerous people has to agree that it's
crystal clear and *does* make sense.

At the end of the piece I list what I believe to be
the 'Universal Values' - my theory now consists of 21
'great principles'. So for those who were curious as
to what I thought the Universal Values were in general
terms, there you go.

Check out my table of Universal Utilities at the end.
Note that my theory has a level *beyond* the
volitional level.

I *don't* think volition is the foundation of the
Universal Value System at all. I have Volition (or
liberty) on the 2nd level (Morality level). But my
1st level is 'Mind' - and there I have 'Actualization'
as the foundation of my theory. Actualization
supercedes even Volition and arises from a coherent
mapping between the two lower levels (Morality and
Models), which ties morality to the prediction system
in an ordered way and establishes the basis for an
objective morality.

Any way, here's the summing up of my system:


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