Fighting UFAI

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 14:05:19 MDT

  My initial motive for suggesting cheap and effective countermeasures for fighting an UFAI which had reached the internet was to raise our odds of detroying it in a fight to 0.00001% from 0%. Another very important reason for stockpiling strategies is to present a visceral list of ways the world might end, to any NSA or Intel type entity, which is pursuing AI research AGI researchers suspect will transcend dangerously, in the hope this list would slow down the entities efforts enough for FAI or safe MM to be developed in the meantime. There are many potential technological breakthroughs, such as quantum computers, which may enable UFAI and human controlled MM at nearly the same time. So any strategy which could buy us hours against UFAI might give us a 0.00001% chance. I can effect two strategies in the near future. 1) Spreading the meme against complying with strange phonecalls. This would slow down an UFAI's recruiting efforts. Instead of contacting an unpolluted pool of
 trusting, technically/mechanically adept isolated individuals with access to parcel services and some modern infrastructure (100 million ?) in large blocks, ve will have to be more selective and cautious against individuals who have read warnings and have communications devices not monitored by ve; ve might even have to contact and kill uncompliant contactees one-by-one. This could slow ve down by days. 2) Starting a small computer security consulting company to target clients with UFAI friendly fab-plants and other infrastructures would be helpful to spread the meme at the very least. Are there any others? I don't buy the argument ve can use vis own computer hardware to Molecular Manufacture with CO2 right off the bat. MM requires Angstrom level precision, the smallest computer components can't yet achieve this. Maybe ve could use visual/auditory computer stimuli to hypnotise me into a heroin fiending or something, but not MM. I'm also skeptical of the "incomplete physics"
 arguments for ve's god-like powers. Our current physics models only break down in extreme environments: at very small levels quantum phenomena becomes significant; at very high energies and temperatures; at very cold temperatures... these cannot be reached in a compter without breaking it. A list of ways ve will kill us off could be useful for mitigating other human extinction scenarios.

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