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Date: Mon Jul 18 2005 - 21:46:50 MDT

Last time I do this. Really. Promise. Just that I'd
earlier posted so much rather garbled stuff on SL4,
and I know that historians might be reading the the
SL4 list - I need to save my reputation in their eyes.
 Of course... I could be digging an even deeper hole
for myself here ;)

O.K, just a quick summary of the key points from my
developing theory. Once I've got hard proof of these,
I promise you'll all be the first to know. In the
mean-time, these ideas should just be thought as
intriguing food for thought

Presenting...Summary of the Geddes TOE! ;)
A.  The 7 Universal Knowledge Domains (UKD's)
a. There are 7 Universal Knowledge Domains.  By
'Universal' knowledge domain, I mean an area of
knowledge which is 'universally applicable' i.e
applicable everywhere in the multiverse where a
sentient mind could exist
b.  The 1st UKD is concerned with *Possibility*, the
2nd UKD is concerned with *Choice*, the 3rd UKD is
concerned with *State*, the 4th UKD is concerned with
*Connection*, the 5th UKD is concerned with *Time*,
the 6th UKD is concerned with *Comparison*, the 7th
UKD is concerned with *Space*.  
So;  Possibility, Choice, State, Connection, Time,
Comparison and Space.
B The Periodic Table Of Cognition
Was intended to list the fundamental categories of
cognition, based on the theory of the UKD's.  The
skeleton starting point for this was posted on the SL4
Wiki a couple of months back:
C  Qualia -  Consciousness as Time?
a  Consciousness is a manifestation of *Time* i.e The
suggestion is that *Time* (physical definition) and
*Conscioius Experience* are one and the same.  Note
that 'Time' is the 'stuff' of one of the UKD's.
b  Time/Consciousness serves as the *structure* of the
universe.  Consciousness is what knits the moments of
time together.  To be more precise, consciousness is
what ensures that *causality* holds - to be even more
precise - what ensures that there is a coherent
mapping between cause and effect.
c  If the theory is correct, panpsychism is true. 
Qualia would have to be everywhere, because time is
everywhere.  So everything has some degree of
consciousness.  The degree and nature of that
consciousness is determined by how tightly the moments
of time *map* to each other at a given region of
space.  Sentients (like humans) are simply bits of
thew cosmos where information about current states is
tightly integrated with information about past states.
d  Note that the above theory is fully consistent with
John Taylor's 'Relational' theory (which by the way is
well supported by empirical data) - where
consciousness is conjectured to be caused by the
integration of current experience with past memories.
e  The ultimate purpose of consciousness according to
my theory is revealed to be the 'knitting togther of
moments of time' sufficiently that the universe
continues to exist forever (without consciousness, the
universe would dissolve due to a gradual weakening of
causality - states would not be sufficiently
constrained for effects to continue to map coherently
to causes).
D  General intelligence and consciousness
a  General intelligence is the ability to *map*
between the 7 UKD's.  It is the ability to 'translate'
the language of one UKD into the language of another.
b  Consciousness is *not* caused by an imperfect
cognitive mapping mechanism, as some A.I researchers
have thought.  Consciousness is in fact caused by a 
*perfect* cognitive mapping, between one universal
knowledge domain and another.  Thus, my theory reveals
that you cannot have general intelligence without
sentience, because any effective mapping between the
universal knowledge domains will produce
c  Consciousness is simply a manifestation of the the
7 Universal Knowledge Domains (7 UKD's). 
Consciousness exists because at root there are 7
fundamentally different but equally valid ways to
describe every part of reality and
intelligence/consciousness is the manifestation of the
mapping between these 7 UKD's.
E  Universal Values
a  There *is* a Universal Value System(by 'universal'
, I mean a morality true for all sentients).  The
Universal Value System exists because of the coherent
mapping between the Universal Knowledge Domain
concerned with 'State', and the Universal Knowledge
Domain concerned with 'Choice'. 
b  From a, it follows that the level of intelligence
is constrained by the level of friendliness.  A
function of increasing intelligence is Big Oh (maths
notation) a function of increasing friendliness.  This
means that (in the limit), intelligence is constrained
by friendliness.  
c  The correlation between intelligence and
friendliness gets better and better the higher the IQ.
 That's why in humans the correlation is weak (humans
are not that smart).  But there is no danger from a
recursively self-improving unfriendly AI, because for
sentients in general the correlation between
friendliness and IQ will be very strong.
d  There is a Universal Value System (which includes
moral values).  The Universal Value System is composed
of 14 finitely specifiable 'Universal Utilities' - 2
for each of the 7 Universal Knowledge Domains.
e  All possible values systems are simply recursive
elaborations and/or combinations of the 14 Universal
F Friendly Seed AI
*To design a seed FAI, my theory implies that you only
need to code the finite kernels for each of the 14
'Universal Utilies', using the coding specifications
implied by the structure of the 7 'Universal Knowledge
That's about it folks.  That's the essence of my
theory of everything!  Thanks for your patience.
Posted by Marc Geddes - famous crack-pot ;)
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