RE: Flashback to 1975

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 08:45:20 MDT

> Almost as relevant today as thirty years ago; while contemporary academics
> are perhaps a little more prepared to actually build things, the fraction
> that progresses beyond nontrivial toy examples is very small.

It is true that "system-building" is frowned up on in AI academia today.
This is very frustrating and perplexing indeed...

> While the
> situation is perhaps rather better in the overall space of AGI
> projects, it
> is unfortunate that while some have realised the importance of working
> implementations, virtually no-one has been working on the problem of
> objective criteria for evaluating AGI theories.

Hmmm... Do you have any specific thoughts in this regard, Michael?

Indeed, I have been more interested in working out my own AI theory and
implementing it than in defining "objective criteria" for assessing its
quality as a theory.... But I have only about 5/12 of my time to work on
AGI these days, and I'd much rather spend that time on actual AI
theory/implementation than on general issues of theory-evaluation...

-- Ben

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