Re: [HUMOUR] Define intelligence and wisdom (was: Re: Fighting UFAI)

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sat Jul 16 2005 - 14:26:15 MDT

--- William Chapin <> wrote:

> An earlier version of the rules stated that
> intelligence was 'knowing' that smoking was bad
> for
> you, but a low wisdom was in doing it anyway...
An interesting distinction: and it is worth
noting that addictions are known to be a sort of
runaway neural feedback loop, which is especially
clear in the case of nonchemical addicitons such
as gambling. Tobacco is known to be more
addictive than heroin, and although pulling the
lever on a slot machine releases endorphins in
the brain, there is no chemical in the slot
machine itself. In other words, addiction is a
close relative of wireheading, and an AI of
superhuman intelligence could be considered
'unwise' if it fell into a wireheading loop (or
tiled the solar system with smiley faces).

Apropos of this, Penn and Teller devoted a
'Bullshit!' show to AA; turns out AA has the same
success rate (%5) as no treatment at all. Five
percent of alcoholics cognitively beat the
addiction (at least in the case of alcohol). I
think that any AI which cannot 'control itself'
well enough to stay out of human-obvious
wireheading traps is hardly an AI at all, much
less superhuman.

Tom Buckner

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