JOIN: Patrick Dugan

From: pdugan (
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 14:46:36 MDT

Heya, I'm a college English major with interest in writing (both fiction and
non) as well as speculative philosophy empowered by scientific literacy. My
primary field is interactive storytelling, I'm currently (as of 2005) working
with legendary game designer Chris Crawford on design issues pertaining to his
Erasmatron engine, as well as creating interactive stories using the engine.
Long-term I'd like to create a AI intensive engine using the memetic algorithm
guided by authorial hueristics to produce game content dynamically.

 I read "Staring into the Singularity" at the end of my freshmen year back in
may '04. Its almost an SL4 cliche, split between 'Staring' and "FAQ On The
Meaning of Life"; the essay completely blew my mind and forced both a
re-arrangement and neat capping off of the worldview I'd been cultivating.
While my intelligence is largely intuitive/artistic/pattern-oriented (and all
those other cop-outs for irrationality) and I don't feel I can argue cognitive
science at the level of Eli, Ben, Peter: et al. I do have a strong interest in
the social implications of the Singularity. To put it simply: my concept of an
FAI is that of an Interactive Storyteller. Its all about how our post-singular
ally interfaces with us mere mortals and induces us into a pleasantly
hyperreal becoming. In the mean-time, I'm all about getting people thinking,
and I believe interactive storytelling is the best way about it.

   Looking forward to bright futures, Patrick Dugan

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