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From: Kaj Sotala (
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 05:35:46 MDT

From: "Marc Geddes" <>:
> Um.. I have no idea what you're going on about here.
> I never claimed to know what the 'Universal Morality'
> was. I only posited that *some* UM existed. So no, I
> certainly don't claim that the UM will look anything
> like a morality I like (or even be comprehensible to
> me).

In that case, what does this theory of yours have to do
with the Friendliness issue?

Even assuming your theory was true, you just admitted
that you have no idea of what the UM is. The Universal
Morality might be the complete antithesis of Friendliness -
perhaps the Universal Morality shows that life is suffering
and therefore all life much be exterminated. As long as
we don't know what the UM is like, it has no relevance
on the debate since we still have to prepare for the worst
case scenario.

And even that's only assuming your theory does hold true -
even if you aren't capable of providing mathematical proof,
some evidence other that "my intuition tells me that" would
be nice. If you have anything real to show us, then please
do - if you can't back up what you say then what you say
has exactly the same relevance as a priest telling us that any
sort of AI is impossible because his intuition tells us an AI
would not have a soul - that is, none.

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