Re: The grey goo draws closer

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 08:56:39 MDT

One advantage of a MM factory
> over macroscale is diversity of product designs; it
> should also theoretically be able to manufacture
> factory components as one of its products, this
> allows industrial capacity to grow at a geometric
> rate.

There are something like a couple of hundred
manufacturing processes such as drilling, casting,
vapor deposition, etc. that between them produce
everything we have. Nanotech will require a diversity
of end effectors to place different atoms, radicals,
or molecules in place.

What I see is a matter of scale, but not of
ability to make a diversity of products.

What I actually expect to occur in the coming decades
is nanotech being used where it is needed - for
making very small circuits, sensors, etc. that
require atomic precision. For large objects like
structural steel members, a rolling mill is likely
to be cheaper than placing each iron atom one at
a time.


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