Clarification about my own AI project

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Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 00:11:59 MDT

Sorry about previous post guys. In 99 out of 100 universes in the multiverse we SL4 er's should be fine. But transhumanists are nothing if not far-sighted and I 'm afraid I have to cover myself on the off-chance that we live in the 1 out of 100 universes in the multiverse where things go nutty.
I must admit, the 'Collective Volition' document does make me *slightly* nervous. Only very *slightly*, but it's enough to be concerned about I think. I have said on numerous occasions that I totally disagree with it. I'm trying to try away from talking the acopolyptic stuff.
There's a clarification of what my own AI project is about on the wiki:'_Project

THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
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The one the other will include  
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-Emily Dickinson
'The brain is wider than the sky'
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