Update: Online reading/discussion groups

From: Jeff Medina (analyticphilosophy@gmail.com)
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 17:32:40 MDT

* Please read this if you want to participate, because I need you to
e-mail me ASAP. Details on this below.

We've decided on the Mambo content management system. This is more
application than we need, considering the main functionality sought is
'discussion board/forum', but who knows we might desire to increase
our collaboration using this system in the future, so it's nice to
have additional functional options available. And it's free, so no
downside regarding additional cost to install more-than-we-need.

Once it is installed, we will be up and running.

Predictably enough, the SIAI reading list
(http://www.intelligence.org/action/readinglist.html) will form our
foundation for initial reading selections. But it won't do just to ask
each of you which item you'd like to study first; there are far too
many choices relative to the number of participants for us to get more
than one or two people to each group (unless the preference
distribution is skewed, which is possible, but not something on which
I'd like to rely.)

So here's what I need from you:
1. Go through the Reading List, selecting any materials you'd like to
read and discuss. Ordering them (by ordinal rank, weighting, or
otherwise) is welcome, and will be taken into account, but not
necessary. You can also specify at the subject area level if you'd
like to participate in any discussion in said area. E.g., "cognitive
neuroscience; science fiction; Himalayan folk art."
2. Please indicate whether you would be willing and able to act as a
moderator or discussion leader, and the areas (or readings) to which
this applies. People who are new to a particular topic can help each
other learn it, but having someone who has already processed it
available to offer guidance and answer questions would be even better.
3. If you feel the SIAI Reading List is missing a resource you'd like
to discuss in the group setting, feel free to suggest it. I'll add
these to an online list for people to look over later on, and if
others agree with you, we can have a group accomodating your request.
4. Any other comments you feel would be useful.

With the study of these fields comes greater ability to achieve that
which is meaningful and significant (or, at least, a greater
likelihood of attaining said greater ability, which works out to the
same thing as far as rational action is concerned.) It's time to step
up the pace.

Jeff Medina
Volunteer Coordinator
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Research Fellow
Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

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