Re: a self-replicating robot

From: Stephen Tattum (
Date: Fri May 13 2005 - 06:14:31 MDT

>>>> 12/05/2005 14:28 >>>

>> Just a link off Slashdot, but perhaps not everyone
>> here is an avid reader...
>The FANUC robot factory making more robots is much
>more impressive:


I don't think so, a factory making robots does not have applications like the self-assembling, remote robots of the above article. The possibilities are far more wide ranging and interesting - like the self-replicating machine project at bath university that I mentioned a while ago ( )
 - the interesting thing about these things is their size and the fact that people can change the software themselves in their homes and cheaply - not the simple fact that it is just robots building robots in a factory that clearly costs millions of dollars and doesn't have the capacity to evolve. Besides - the robots you are talking about are, and I quote, " assembled partly utilizing automatic assembling systems" not quite the same - with not nearly the scope for progress.

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