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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 21:14:40 MDT

Hey Russell,

Seems like this is basically a variant of the well-worn "Sysop Scenario",
isn't it? You want the FAI to be a sysop that allows a universe with
multiple domains..

Very well -- I agree that's a nice scenario to envision -- but it begs the
question of how to construct an AI that

a) will be powerful enough to acts as such a Sysop, yet

b) can be relied upon to keep acting as such a Sysop instead of changing its
mind and doing something nasty

Basically, I see your proposal as making a (nice, but not terribly original)
statement of a decent GOAL for post-Singularity cosmos, but not as telling
us anything about how to ACHIEVE this goal in a sustainable way...

-- Ben G

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