Re: No pure predictors (was: Singularity Blues)

From: Simon Belak (
Date: Sun Apr 10 2005 - 13:14:08 MDT

I agree with Tomaz, talking about a decision making mechanism is redundant.
Every decision is just evaluation of results of a simulation (prediction)
within rules governed by a given set of axioms. One could argue that precisely
those axioms are the decision making mechanism but this would imply that they
serve no further purpose and therefore the whole decision making mechanism is
causa sui or if we apply Occam's razor to it, redundant.
Even if we allow for true random (or "free will" to be more poetic), this
(source of) randomness has to be by definition some external phenomenon which
makes it rather hard for it to be embedded in our decision making mechanism at
the same time, again dissolving any need for such a mechanism.

Crocker's Rules apply.


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