Re: There is No Altruism

From: p3 (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 09:55:04 MST

I don't think I'd take oblivion for any purpose, even
to save ten other people. Although I'd really love to
be that philosophical, I just can't pay my life for
ideals like utilitarianism.

However, the question of oblivion to save every other
human is different... since living without a single
other person would mean death anyway (I don't think I
alone could engender the apotheosis), it's really just
a question concerning whether or not I really want
those extra forty years... or however long my natural
body has left.

"...Learn to see, and then you'll know that there is no end to the new worlds of our vision." Carlos Castaneda A SEPARATE REALITY

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