Re: Universal Replicators...

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 09:09:53 MST

The largest maker of automated machine tools in the
US uses their own product to make parts for more
machine tools:

I would argue that automated machine tools and robots
will have more impact than a 3-d printer because
machine tools can process a variety of materials
(metal, wood, plastic), while the printer is limited
to a specific plastic. If they can develop a
3-d printer that can deposit a wide variety of
materials, and is low cost to own and operate, then
it will have more impact.

You still need a human to take the finished
part out of the 3-d printer and assemble it with other
parts. So I would argue that a robot that can
other robots as well as other products will have
more impact. These robots exist, by the way:


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