Marc Geddes Request

From: Mitchell Howe (
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 01:23:11 MST

Traditional SL4 list policy states that moderation is not to be done
under the table. In that spirit, I'm informing the list that I've asked
Marc Geddes offlist to limit himself to one post per day.

I want to be clear that he has not been banned or otherwise devoiced.
His posts may be as long as he likes, and will continue to be welcome
inasmuch as they meet SL4 standards.

SL4 has many voices, but most are silent at any given time. It is in
the best interest of the list for no one voice to become psychologically
dominant simply on account of it appearing in our inboxes with
overwhelming frequency.

--SL4 List Sniper

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