Re: My top-down strategy is now 100% complete.

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Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 00:50:57 MST

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> > You clearly regard moral laws as the exclusive
> > domain on the non-linear
> > mode you identify,
> Not at all! Don't forget the recursive nature of my
> idea! I had meant for there to be many different
> *kinds* (levels) of inductive. Only from the point
> of
> view of the highest level of coarse graining is
> moral
> reasoning inductive. I am talking about many
> different levels of organization here O.K? I think
> only high level reasoning about morality is
> inductive.
> Lower levels of reasoning about morality involve
> linear deduction as well.

Yikes. Correction. In my model it is the *deductive*
mode of thought that dominates moral reasoning. (At
the highest level of coarse graining of the mind
morality is *deductive*). The *inductive* non-linear
mode dominates physics reasoning (At the highest level
of coarse graining of the mind physics reasoning is *inductive*).

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