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Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 21:34:38 MST

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> If there are compelling reasons for making these
> assertions -- and
> intuition is not a compelling reason -- then please
> remember to attach
> them next time. Throw us a bone here; few of us can
> hope to share your
> natural insight into these matters.
> j. andrew rogers

Unfortunately for me I haven't yet got the skills or
knowledge to formalize my ideas. I'm just moving out
of the 'intuitive' phase now. Allow me at least 1
year to develop a coherent AGI design based on my
ideas and another 15 years after that for me to fully
formalize it all into a full technical theory ;)

Unlike some I'm not sitting around all day working on
AGI , nor have I got a spare cent to pursue it - shame
- I'm starting to wish I did actually - Eli was right
- AGI design is the interim meaning of life. The rest
is just fluff really.

I'm starting to hit the books in earnest now. Just
read 'Consilence' (good 30 pages sumamry on the
cognitive sciences), and now am now hitting other
books specifically about theories of mind. Spent
three hour's reading Goerztel's book-length
description of Novamente. The books and journals are
proving to be a big shock to my system but my initial
intuitions are holding.



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