Re: My top-down strategy is now 100% complete.

From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 22:24:30 MST

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If it is 100% complete, hopefully you won't mind being asked to expand
on some parts. I think you have a good basis for your theory, but I
need to probe it a little.

| It is the ability of the mind to form metaphors/analogies which is
| the heart of intelligence and it this which gives rise to qualia

How does forming a metaphor help give rise to qualia? This
mis-understanding might be the same one that holds me up later also.

| The mind as a whole is a complex system which can be decomposed
| into sub-system ?Rationality? (lower sub-level) and sub-system
| ?Morality? (higher sub-level). The key is the interaction between
| the two, which is *the ability of the mind to form metaphors which
| enables it to understand models of physical processes in terms of
| models of it?s own internal value systems*! (Bridging the physical
| and mental worlds through metaphors ? similarities between moral
| laws and physical laws).

I think the term morality is not a good one - it appears to be saying
that the formation of metaphors (and thus qualia) has some kind of
good/evil distinction involved. Is that a proper understanding? Why
not call them Rationality and Intuition for example?

You seem to be very deliberately using the term morality - yet surely
there we have some metaphorical knowledge that is not morally laden?
Such as an inductive partial understanding of physics, for example. Or
are you using indiction in a different meaning to me?

What is the thinking behind calling rationality a "linear" process,
and induction a "non-linear" one? I doubt you literally mean the
mathematical concept of linear, you must be employing one of those
metaphors to which you referred, but unfortunately, I am not forming a
bridge between your metaphor and my rationality!! :)

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