Future Shock, by Alvin Toffler

From: p3 (rm3cpp@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 - 23:07:16 MST

I just bought this book for fifty cents at a garage sell. I was thinking about reading it, but then I noticed that it was highly praised (in the "quotes", or whatever you call them, found in the first few pages of books) by the Christian Science Monitor.

On the one hand, R. Buckminster Fuller is high-fiving this book, while at the same time it is being praised by a publication founded by a lady who thought there was no physical world and that disease was part of the imagination.

I'll probably read it anyway in my unending quest for information, but before I do, has anyone else here read it (I am assuming that is a given)? Is it good? And so on.

Thank you.


"...Learn to see, and then you'll know that there is no end to the new worlds of our vision." Carlos Castaneda A SEPARATE REALITY
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