A Bay Area transhumanist get-together at 5PM, Sunday March 6th?

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (sentience@pobox.com)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 13:13:43 MST

I am now mostly settled in to my new apartment in Santa Clara (I'm near
the intersection of Lawrence and Homestead), and I would like to meet my
fellow Bay Area transhumanists. I also hear rumors that there are no
frequent regular gatherings of Bay Area transhumanists. Spike Jones and
I have secretly conspired to launch a quarterly meeting of Bay Area
transhumanists, which conspiracy I now throw open to the general public.

I've been to transhumanist gatherings held at restaurants and I've been
to transhumanist gatherings held at houses, and the house gatherings
were much nicer: people can walk around and talk to all others present,
sit down for a few minutes and then get up, and there's no loud music
playing as there often is at restaurants. In restaurants I've usually
been able to speak only to the four or five people seated nearest me.

Unfortunately I can't offer my own house, because I don't have a house,
I have a small apartment, and I've no space (nor chairs, tables, etc.)
for even a small transhumanist gathering. Would anyone out there like
to host this occasion? It wouldn't imply offering to host every
quarterly gathering (unless you want to); there's no reason the
gathering shouldn't move around. Similarly, potluck dinner (everyone
brings an item they would want to eat) can substitute for any obligation
to prepare food. We'd just need space and chairs.

My current nominal bedtime is 9PM; I can probably stretch that an hour
or two on any given night, so long as I don't do it twice in a row.
What do you think of 5PM as a meeting time?

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